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Our Goal is to Lessen Carbon Emissions – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles’ duty towards the environment extends past the buildings he creates. His firm’s  tree-planting exercises have expanded the volume of trees even more than pre-improvement levels. “Each of the 3,000 trees we planted a year prior deals with more than 45 pounds of carbon dioxide and toxins while releasing oxygen,” he states. Meanwhile, Hiles tries to conserve existing arboreal treasures, for instance, the numerous 100-year-old oak trees that grow in a recreational park next to one Western Rim site. Marcus Hiles sees natural protection as a win for both people and the planet. “Our goal is to minimize carbon emanations by more than 500,000 metric tons all through the next decade,” he says. “At the same time, we’ll have the capacity to deliver savings for our tenants and make more flourishing communities.”

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Marcus Hiles Notes Residents Saving 17% On Utilities

The reflective TechShield® product is proven to help renters reduce their utility costs. “On average, residents of our Estates, Towers and Mansions communities have lowered their bills by about 17 percent every month,” says Western Rim’s Hiles. Having been time-tested through its installation in more than 1.5 million homes across the U.S., the ecologically sound barriers utilizes wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative: the conservation program created by non-profit organization SFI Inc. promotes responsible wood production methods. The use of these eco-positive roof panels add to the effectiveness of 16 SEER air conditioners, programmable thermostats, dual-pane windows, weather stripping and full depth cellulose sound insulation in Marcus Hiles’ Fort Worth company’s homes, townhomes and apartments, a groundbreaking advancement in upscale, energy-efficient housing.

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Marcus Hiles Uses Eco-Conscious Appliances

Marcus Hiles Uses Eco-Conscious Appliances

Marcus Hiles Uses Eco-Conscious Appliances

Other important elements of Marcus Hiles’ ecologically conscious development process are the many eco-friendly choices seen inside his upmarket homes. Extra-tall, dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas minimalize each home’s cooling requirements throughout the summer months, while highly effectual weather stripping maintains tight seals and the temperatures set by energy-efficient, programmable thermostats and 16 SEER HVAC systems. In each unit’s kitchen and bath, water-conserving irrigation systems economically use resources, and attics come lined with reflective TechShield® radiant barrier sheathing that redirects the sun’s intense rays to block as much as 97 percent of its produced warmth. The many upgraded features throughout the luxurious rental units reduce power consumption and pollution, while furthering the principal goal of protecting the environment. Also important is the installation of elegant stainless steel, ENERGY STAR-certified appliances within each of Western Rim Properties’ Estates, Towers and Mansions brand homes. Since the program’s launch by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 24 years ago, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by over 283.2 million metric tons by Americans utilizing the products.

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