We Ensure Tenants Get Beautiful Surroundings and Energy Efficiency – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles confesses that delight can acquire different forms and says that his residents of more than 15,000 homes, townhomes, and apartments very often talk about the definite delight they experience in living in upscale communities.
“We are careful in selecting land and then build homes with high aesthetics and energy efficiency.” he explains. So, occupants save a good sum of money in their utility expenses. Also, they don’t have to be anxious about the home maintenance and mortgage escrow accounts; they have more time for their own ambitions.
“People living in our communities have the choice to invest on their own terms and can take advantage of opportunities that come up in other locations,” Hiles observes. “In my knowledge, a occupant’s joy increases in proportion to the time spent living in a luxury rental community.”

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Marcus Hiles Believes In Education For All Regardless Of Circumstance

A graduate of both Pepperdine and Rice Universities, Marcus Hiles has remained deeply committed to the educational process. He believes firmly that each and every child has the right to an education regardless of their financial circumstance or background. This conviction drives his business practices, as he insists that properties developed by Western Rim are built near schools. It is important to Hiles that access to education for both children and their parents is not burden.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Factors Swaying Texas’ Growth Rate

At the end of December, the U.S. Census released the population estimates depicting state-by-state growth from 2015 to 2016, showing Texas as the state seeing the greatest gains. Real estate developer Marcus Hiles celebrated this the nation-leading increase, as population jumps typically coincide with market expansion. Hiles, the Founder & CEO of the distinguished Western Rim Property Services, Texas’ largest developer of upmarket rental communities, provides stunning designs, natural landscapes, world-class amenities with comprehensive lifestyle services.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses U.S. Census Bureau Population Report

Further findings within the Bureau’s report showed that the four biggest Texas metros, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, were responsible for 84 percent of the state’s growth, explains Marcus Hiles. Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth led all cities in the United States, with both adding around 150,000 new residents, and Austin again led the country in growth percentage, the fifth straight year it has done so.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Business Perks Of LEED Buildings

Marcus Hiles has shown, across numerous real estate construction projects, that LEED Certification is cost-effective, efficient, and desired by modern rental consumers. In fact, LEED-Certified Apartment Construction rose tenfold since 2008, underscoring its importance in the housing market. Hiles’ communities illustrate inarguably that the LEED formula of healthy materials, focus on performance, smart grid thinking, and efficient water consumption will lead to higher financial returns and rental numbers, optimized health and productivity of tenants, improved public relations, and significant savings on energy and operating costs.

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Marcus Hiles Notes Residents Saving 17% On Utilities

The reflective TechShield® product is proven to help renters reduce their utility costs. “On average, residents of our Estates, Towers and Mansions communities have lowered their bills by about 17 percent every month,” says Western Rim’s Hiles. Having been time-tested through its installation in more than 1.5 million homes across the U.S., the ecologically sound barriers utilizes wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative: the conservation program created by non-profit organization SFI Inc. promotes responsible wood production methods. The use of these eco-positive roof panels add to the effectiveness of 16 SEER air conditioners, programmable thermostats, dual-pane windows, weather stripping and full depth cellulose sound insulation in Marcus Hiles’ Fort Worth company’s homes, townhomes and apartments, a groundbreaking advancement in upscale, energy-efficient housing.

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Marcus Hiles Helps Renters Secure Lower Lease Rates

When it comes to vetting an apartment complex, finding a popular floorplan with a good view, at a reasonable price, is desired. Marcus Hiles, a celebrated Texas real estate investor and CEO of Western Rim, believes that people wish to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle at a price they can afford. What property managers rarely tell the public, is that they use yield management software that automatically raises rent prices when trending floorplans are viewed. Marcus Hiles specializes in not only predicting real estate market trends, but also offering renters knowledge about how to negotiate rental prices.

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Marcus Hiles Boasting Profound Architecture, Conveniences Of Western Rim

Marcus Hiles Boasting Profound Architecture, Conveniences Of Western Rim

Marcus Hiles Boasting Profound Architecture, Conveniences Of Western Rim

Boasting profound architecture and meticulously manicured landscapes, Marcus Hiles’ Dallas comminities encapsulate refined atmospheres. Whether it be the resort ambiance of The Mansions at Brigg Ranch, the chic, contemporary living of The Towers of Seabrook, or the tranquil calm of The Grand Estates in the Forest, Texans are encouraged to live decadently by enjoying full day spas, an onsite personal trainer, a 24-hour concierge, and a comprehensive selection of modern amenities. Locations are carefully selected to take advantage of the state’s thriving cosmopolitan areas, premier school districts, professional golf courses, awe-inspiring scenic views, and lush state forests. Equally impressive are the interiors, complete with 10 ft. high ceilings, Italian marble and hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and bathrooms equipped with jetted tubs and rainwater showerheads that are on par with a personal spa. For those who wish to upgrade to a luxurious lifestyle, Hiles’ communities deliver beauty, convenience, and most importantly, attainability.

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Marcus Hiles Notes Reputation For Offering Tasteful, Comfortable Homes

Marcus Hiles Notes Reputation For Offering Tasteful, Comfortable Homes

Marcus Hiles Notes Reputation For Offering Tasteful, Comfortable Homes

Western Rim’s high-end rental communities have a reputation for charming and tasteful interiors. Trademark details are noticeable upon arrival: foyers with elevated ceilings and rich wood flooring lead to kitchens boasting designer cabinets, porcelain tile backsplashes and ENERGY STAR-certified stainless steel Whirlpool® appliances. In bathing areas, jetted Jacuzzi® garden tubs and stand-up showers come equipped with rainwater showerheads and chrome fixtures. The modern appliances and environmentally conscious building choices are in line with Marcus Hiles Fort Worth developer goal of utilizing eco-friendly options. In the attics, reflective TechShield® radiant barrier sheathing panels redirect solar warmth and lower energy costs. Recycled full depth cellulose sound insulation minimizes power consumption while the fire retardant material assists with noise reduction between rooms, removing intrusive sounds from the home. Hiles properties are as comfortable as they are quiet: optimal temperatures are upheld by advanced programmable HVAC systems, requiring substantially less energy use than standard thermostats. Tight sealing surrounding extra-tall, double-pane, argon gas-layered windows reduce heat loss in winter by as much as 75 percent and limit cooling requirements during summer.

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Marcus Hiles Doing His Part For Texas Real Estate

Marcus Hiles Doing His Part For Texas Real Estate

Marcus Hiles Doing His Part For Texas Real Estate

Hiles says that the number of renters across Texas is projected to increase tremendously over the next seven years, as “economists and developers are expecting to see the percentage of renters continue to rise in most cities.” As of 2013, he notes, 54% of Houston residents were renting their homes, and there are now more than 6 million Texans renting overall. While the developers are hurrying to stem the chaos from potential buyers, Marcus Hiles Dallas based company continues to develop attractive and ecologically minded loft-style apartments for those looking to skip the hassle of buying altogether—doing his part to make sure Texas remains at the forefront of real estate development.

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